Oct 4, 2010

Today's Equation

blogtoberfest 4

Pasta (red + white) X (Cinnamon Rolls)2 + Chocolate Milk + Bananas = 30 Full X-C Men

Does this compute?

We hope so! Hosting the men's cross country team tonight for carb loading before tomorrow's meet. The menu was requested by my son and includes spaghetti, tortellini, meat sauce, alfredo sauce, veggies, bananas, garlic bread, cinnamon rolls & chocolate milk. Just thinking about it puts me to sleep! But we have to be sure to fill them up, otherwise they tend to go and raid the women's pasta feed!

Go Bulldogs!

  • Team Spirit
  • Kind & fun-loving teenagers
  • Mild fall weather perfect for a 5K (and that I get to watch instead of run that myself)

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