Oct 11, 2010

Big Red Band

blogtoberfest 11

Oh, for a man in uniform!

My man (DS#2) is difficult to see behind the bell of his tuba--he's the one nearly smack in the middle of the shot. The other DS is off to the side behind a melliphone bell.

They both looked so sharp in their uniforms, marching so straight. Sigh.

Yes, I sigh with nostalgia for marching bands, having been in one. Mine was not nearly so grand. The Big Red Band here is over 135 strong--nearly as big as the senior class!

 This was the last of their competitions this year, and possibly the last time I'll see DS#1 march.
 Sigh again.

His posture in uniform is perfect. And while he says he "hates" marching band, he works hard at it, going to school an hour early 2-3 mornings each week. He seems to like being a squad leader this year.  DS#2 has taken quite well to it as well and is working to be a squad leader even as a sophomore next year. :)

DS1's lesson from marching band: "If you do it right, you do it less." Oh, if we could all learn that lesson for other areas of life!

Today's Praises
  • MORE beautiful fall weather--unbelievable!
  • A dog who behaves on his walks
  • Fun stalking my secret partners for an upcoming swap

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