Oct 12, 2010


blogtoberfest 12

Rest in peace, Ginger.
Ginger is was our '97 Escort, 235,000 miles plus (nearly to the moon!) and 12 years in our household.
Fortunately, DS#1 is unharmed and brimming over with lessons learned.
Fortunately, it was a one-car accident.

Today's Praises
  • All in our household are safe
  • All in our household are humble (!)
  • Ginger served us well & protected my boy

1 comment:

Sandra said...

So thankful to hear that your son is unharmed. We often take each other for granted until events like this cause us to realize how quickly things can change. Years ago my teenagers were hit by a drunk driver and walked away unharmed. It was a life-changing moment for our family.