Sep 11, 2010

Yummy Chocolate Pinwheels

DQS9 Received!!

Looky, looky what I found in my mailbox! Quiltmakertg send me this fabulous mini--beautiful, bright pinwheels surrounded by chocolate brown. The setting and quilting are just perfect. I love that I had already made it a "favorite" on the Flickr group before I even received it.

I just love how fabulous a simple, even traditional block can look with the right fabrics and treatment. Really, it's not your grandmother's quilt, but it has a lot of the same elements!

Quiltmakertg also sent a lovely set of fat quarters--I've already got some chocolate Kona cotton to put with them into a simple, coin-like quilt. Thank you so much, Sandra! Your package really made my day--and the orange binding is exactly my style!

Ain't swaps grand!

Sep 10, 2010

::Happy Neighbors::

Well, I really didn't mean to fall off the edge of blogland this summer. It just happened that I was rarely home. I didn't have anything to sew show! What a whirlwind we had with kids going to camp, working, blah, blah, blah, blah. . . .

That's why I am super thrilled to finally have a finish for Sew-n-Tell Friday--my Doll Quilt Swap 9 mini sent off to my secret partner this week (just made the deadline!). She should get it today!

And I have to say, I'm even more thrilled with the results. This little baby changed very little from conception to completion. Normally, my quilts evolve to match my idea with my abilities/time/talent/stash. This time, I started with the border fabric and  inspiration from here. Aren't these the cutest little houses? (If the right DH is reading this, a set of these would look so sweet above the sink, and an important birthday is coming near. Hint. Hint.)

I realized to make row houses, I'd have to go with paper piecing. It only took a couple tries to work it out. Then I set them into another house--I couldn't get over my cleverness (lots of giggling while working this out--the men in my house, even the dog, thought I was crazy).

Ta Da! I'm really happy with this. I wanted to use these soft colors and straight line quilting since my partner is an expert at applique and FMQ. I thought she might appreciate having something different than she might make, yet still fitting in with her tastes.
We'll see what she thinks . . . .

For more great finishes, click on the Sew-n-Tell button on the sidebar. And have a good weekend!

  • Fall weather--I'm ready for a fresh start and long pants.
  • Learning to use my mother's sewing machine
  • Watching my sons grow into thoughtful young men