Mar 25, 2011

STUD Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek by QuiltyBee
Sneak Peek, a photo by QuiltyBee on Flickr.
Sorry for the lousy pic--it's snowing outside!

Anyhow, my swap partner says she likes half square triangles--so I'm combining these with an idea I've always wanted to try. Look how small! I don't think they will ALL be this tiny--had to finger press these babies first, and then no steam on the iron.

Maybe working on this little thing will help me feel like spring--we're supposed to get 3 inches of white stuff today :(

You know, as I kid I always admired postage stamp quilts--until I realized how small those blocks are. I could barely get these through the machine--the feed dogs thought they were just a piece of lint. How small have you worked?

  • My Friday morning extra cup
  • yellow & orange fabrics
  • my hubby's back is improving (which means he can do more of his chores!)

Mar 21, 2011

Spring Flight

Spring Flight by QuiltyBee
Spring Flight a photo by QuiltyBee on Flickr.

DQS10 Finished! I'm just loving the yellow and gray trend, so I fell off the StashPact and got a charm pack of Basic Gray (Origin's by Moda). And I always love HSTs, so here we are.

Sometimes I finish one of these minis, and I think--too simple, my partner will never like it. My hope is for a bit of classiness. And I really like to highlight the fabric. To jazz it up a bit, I tried some different quilting--a bit of wave and a bit of yellow. I like the effect.

For this little one, I decided to follow some online advice and press my seams open, but I have to say, it didn't really help me make things more flat, especially at the junctions. I like how pressing to one side helps me "lock" the seams. This way I sometimes had 4 layers instead of just 2.

This makes me think of all the geese flying overhead and how the grass is just beginning to green up in spots. Spring feels so good!

Mar 18, 2011

Sneak Peek #2

Sneak Peek #2 by QuiltyBee
Sneak Peek #2 a photo by QuiltyBee on Flickr.
Wow, just a little pat on the back for myself here. . .nearly finished with my DQS10 quilt. All I need to do is stitch the binding to the back and collect a couple goodies to go with.

I think this is the earliest I've EVER completed any swap (or maybe anything). Nice!

  • sunshine, glorious sunshine AND springtime warmth
  • an extra cup of coffee in complete and total piece
  • 2 boys who do their best in school most days, and they're cute, too

Mar 7, 2011

Dry Run Mini

Dry Run Mini by QuiltyBee

Trying out Malka Dubrosky's pattern for
with all purples and grays. The big version will be my son's graduation quilt. I do like the way these go together. . .I'd thought about taking the berry color out, but DS likes it, so it stays. Tried quilting it with all gray, maybe going to a charcoal and then quilted a little scrap size with purple--awesome, so it will be quilted in purple.

The big quilt will have 8 inch blocks, so it will go together quickly. Yay!

Mar 4, 2011

Fantastic Friday

STUD Swap Rcvd by QuiltyBee

Looky, looky, looky! I received the January/February Swap 'til You Drop (STUD) mini from sunflowerquilts today--a love touch of spring for me to enjoy on a truly dreary day. Plus, a bright and orange-y charm pack and a little notebook.

Check out her quilting--beautiful stitches in a nice green thread. Fantastic binding as well.

Really, a wonderful little swap--I couldn't ask for more.  SWAP Joy!!

Mar 2, 2011

STUD Swap Finish

Sunflower Days

This pic is pretty mediocre, but I love this little quilt I sent to Sunflowerquilts. Can you see they're sunflowers? 

I took a cue from Malka Dubrosky's Fresh Quilting with a kind of improv log cabin block. My partner and I agreed to use only from our stash, since we're both in StashPact11. I've fallen in love with yellow and grey, so I got out all my yellows, with a few orange scraps, and the grey. I didn't worry about how big each one was, just sewed them all together.

I hope it goes in Sunflowerquilt's home--it looks on her blog as if she has quite a bit of black furniture . . .

I have a few more yellow blocks that I plan to sash with a medium grey for ME.

  • More sunshine . . .although yesterday was 50 (!) and today started out at 8. March.
  • All the purples and grays for my son's graduation quilt are collected.
  • A night off--no meetings, etc. Yay