Oct 3, 2010

Irish Inspiration

blogtoberfest 3

James Galway is just as charming and delightful as anyone could hope. Last night's concert was a truly lovely selection of pieces, including a concerto for 2 flutes by Cimorosa I'd never heard--lyrical and clever without being overly showy. The Carmen, of course was showy.

Even better though, were the encores. Galway is a consumate entertainer--explaining how he has been nearly the only famous solo flutist ever (30,000 albums sold!). His playing is completely effortless and stunningly consistent, his stage presence witty and enchanting. He could charm anyone into anything.

One of the encores was Galway playing "Danny Boy." He suggested this traditional tune is nearly sacred in its lyricism, and that we pray while listening. He's right; its simplicity and beauty, accompanied by a chamber orchestra with harp, sent chills up my spine rivaled only by Garrison Keillor having the audience sing the traditional Doxology.

A couple more tidbits: DH and I enjoyed a perfect steak supper at Outback, with sweet potato fries, before the concert. Lady Jeanne's Grecian and golden gown made me wish for someplace to wear such a stunning piece of clothing--which should make you laugh, as I wore Converse high tops to the concert! Her gown was heavenly, really--she seemed to float across the stage.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow
praise him, all creatures here below
praise him above ye heavenly host;
praise Father, son, and Holy Ghost. Amen.

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Rene' said...

Sounds like a wonderful date night! What a great opportunity to hear Sir James play. I love the sound of the flute. Glad you are feeling better.