Jan 28, 2011

State of the Stash

Another Slice of Stash
So I've been digging through the stash and thinking about how to shrink it. My fabric and yarn and beads need to fit in a certain space, and that's it. To help me figure this out, let's look at the current state of the stash:

+ On the Plus Side  +
  1. Much of my fabric was purchased for specific projects--mostly quilts.So most of it  coordinates.
  2. I still like a lot of it (especially if I'm not obsessing about being "modern" and appealing to my swap partner's apparent preferences).
  3. Most of it isn't cut, so I'm not commited to my original project ideas.
- On the Minus Side -
  1. I have a lot of fabric. And a lot of it has been around--not so modern.
  2. I have a few UFOs. These were intended as gifts--not so interesting to me anymore.
  3. About half of it reflects past taste & furnishings.
2011 Strategies
  1. Finish: Who cares if the intended recipient would no longer be interested? Just get it done and worry about who gets it later. Some of these will be pretty simple to complete.
  2. Sort: Keep my stash organized so when I have time to sew, I can sew instead of spin my wheels.
  3. Regroup: Let go of my original plans and consider making lots of quick projects like potholders, zipper pouches, shopping bags, etc. This will use up fabric without using up my brain power--instead of my usual modus operandi of obsessing over what to do next.
  4. Divest: Feel free to give away anything I don't love--stop wasting time and space with ho hum stuff.
As a rule, in 2011 I will only purchase what I need to complete a project--and then, ONLY after shopping my stash. With one exception: I received a gift certificate to my LQS, and I think I'll get a selection of solids. I  don't have many, and solids will help me feel "modern" with what I have.

How do you keep your stash under control?

Jan 26, 2011

Wednesday WIP

Whittling down my stash of strange acrylic yarn with a big bag for schlepping stuff to work. It's going fast!

What are you working on in winter?

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  • Mindless crochet
  • Taxes nearly done

Jan 20, 2011

2011 :: The Year of Stash Reduction

Slice of Stash

Now I hate to make resolutions. I'm not even that good with goals--oh, I can set them, I just don't follow through. So I hesitate to go public with my plan to reduce my stash. But the fact of the matter is I have lots of stuff, and it's getting in my way. So here's the deal for 2011:

  1. Much of my stash was purchased with a specific project in mind (at least I don't impulse buy "just because") this year I will only buy fabric/notions needed to finish a project (mostly backing/batting/thread).
  2. If I have fabric sets/projects I am no longer interested in I will either (a) turn them into a quick charity quilt or shopping bag or (b) give them away--no more hoarding things I don't even like.
  3. Each month I will try to complete a project (in addition to any swaps) starting with UFOs. This will also result in more finished projects for me and my family. Ahh, proof I'm actually a quilter.
I've joined StashPact11 on Flickr to help me stay inspired and motivated. Oh, and this month I'm trying to eat more veggies!
How about you--do you have any resolutions for 2011? I'd love to hear.

  • sunshine
  • yummy monster cookies made by someone else
  • family hearts tournament (the prize is first pick of chores)

    Jan 17, 2011

    Year End Report


    I'm a little surprised I could come up with 20 items--most of these are for swaps. Now, I certainly love swaps, but not having much else to show for 2010 might explain the size of my stash. Stay tuned for the 2011 Stash Buster strategy.

    Hope 2011 is starting out well for everyone. I am deep in reflection (and year-end reports at work).

    Jan 13, 2011

    Home is Awesome!!

    Life is Awesome #1

    It may need attention (and a front porch :), it may be a bit out of date, but this little cottage keeps us warm in windy, snowy, subzero weather when the only sane thing to do is spend the snow day home from school playing hearts and baking cookies. Our home is awesome!