Oct 2, 2010

Date Night Extraordinaire

Blogtoberfest 2

Tonight one of my dreams is coming true . . .DH and I are going to see Sir James Galway and his wife Lady Jeanne in concert. James Galway is probably the world's MOST FAMOUS flutist (and has been since I was in high school--that's over 30 years).

James Galway was always the pinnacle for we flute players. In college I discovered I would not be a professional flutist, but I kept playing, and I still play for church and a few other places on occasion. So when we heard Galway was coming to lil 'ol Sioux City, Iowa, my DH and I both thought "great date!"

The concerts are held at a beautifully re-furbished Orpheum Theatre in Sioux City (see the chandelier above). They have everything from the symphony to Rocky Horror Picture Show there. We may even stop at Panera's on the way. The teenage sons have a marching band competition 3 HOURS away (a little pity party for that--ugh, 6 hours on a school bus), so we're on our own anyhow.

What's your favorite date night?

  • Even though I have a doozy of a cold (allergies?), I have a quiet day ahead, so plenty of opportunity to rest.
  • Beautiful fall weather.
  • An extra cup of coffee this morning.

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