Oct 8, 2010

Real Time

blogtoberfest 8

One problem I've always had with blogging is posting about real life but not in real time. For example, I love Sew & Tell Fridays, but Fridays are the only day I really ever have to sew (if I'm going to get to). It was very difficult for me to post about whatever I'd worked on the last Friday--because I hadn't worked on it "this week." Just a little ridiculous, I know. So blogtoberfest is a chance for me to stretch my brain around talking about whatever I want for the day.

Here goes--the Le Mars ChalkArt Festival--in September--was so cool. My husband, with DS#2 as his assistant, was one of the featured artists. Since it was also the anniversary of Jimi Hendrix's death, that was his subject. The Saturday was rained out, so they worked feverishly on Sunday to get the entire piece done. I think it looks great--DS is quite the pro "hair man."

DS#1 was also a featured student artist, so with his artist buddy they produced "Witty Kitty." No idea where that came from.

ChalkArt is a messy business, but the entire downtown parking lot was filled with people making their own pictures. Local bands played, local food was served. Despite the threat of rain, it was a good day. We celebrated a long, hard day of coloring with Chinese food that night!

It is great to live in a house with so much creation going on! We all love making stuff, drawing, painting, whatever. A good part of life.

  • Even though I didn't get my freeze, today's record-breaking warmth will be nice for the local Homecoming Parade & Game.
  • Tomorrow is the last Marching Band competition for the season--I love marching band, but 3 weekends in a row is tough.
  • An extra cup of coffee on my day off with just a couple hours at work.


kg said...

Those chalk drawings are so cool!

Sandra said...

The chalk drawings are amazing! Love the detail. What a fun festival for a community to host, and how awesome that your entire family was involved:)