Oct 29, 2010

Boys in Uniform

blogtoberfest 29

Last marching of the year and probably forever for DS1 (the grumpy one on the right). They gave an "indoor marching band" concert, playing everything they know.

The last piece all the seniors left their shoes (their "legacy" footprints) and passed their hate onto an underclassman. DS2 received one from the 1st chair tuba.

Waving goodbye for kindergarten was a piece of cake compared to this. I kept thinking, "oh, she was so cute in 3rd grade" or "wow, he's gotten so tall." Most of these kids we've known since elementary.

Plus, I'm an absolute sucker for marching band, as I loved it in high school. My two best friends, even 32 years later, are from marching band.

These 2 young men complain about marching, but their best friends also come from that group of 140 band members--all pretty tight after many hours of sweating on the field and riding the bus to competitions. If nothing else, they have learned "do it right means do it less."

Today's Praises
  • Incredible music in our schools, despite heavy budget cutbacks
  • 2 handsome men in uniform
  • no snow during marching band season!

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