Oct 20, 2010

Road Trip

blogtoberfest 20

How cool would it to be 15 years old and have an entire fall day to skateboard. . . wish I could manage that kind of balance. It looks so fun to have speed and air all at once.

As the last bit of Jack's birthday, we hit the road with two of his friends so they could skate in Spencer, the town with the GOOD skate park.

They got several hours in with a break at Pizza Ranch for lunch, highlighted by a celebrity sighting--the bass player from "Chapter" a semi-local band they love. DS2 even mustered up the courage to talk to this guy, who just happens to work at Pizza Ranch. Who knew.

I spent the day basking in the sun (inside the car, out of the breeze), crocheting Christmas gifts. Quite pleasant. Plus it was nice to spend time with these guys--they can be pretty funny, and they look WAY COOL with their ollies and whatnot. . . .still don't know the skating jargon, and I certainly can't spell it.

Today's Praises
  • Unbelieveably beautiful fall weather
  • Curried Cauliflower--yum, yum
  • Keepin' up with the laundry--it makes me smile to think that's a blessing!

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