Oct 18, 2010


blogtoberfest 18

Or maybe that should be "Caw! Caw!"
I never thought I'd ever go through a haunted house, not at 49 & 11/12, but our church youth group wanted to go. Susan (the other leader) and I were just going to stand outside, waiting patiently . . . .

Then this clown with green skin ran up and pounded on the car windows. The girls screamed. Emily wouldn't go unless I went. So I bought tickets, we went through the door, and a zombie popped out of a trap door. The girls screamed. . . . and went back to the car. I was already commited.

I did appreciate DS2 holding my hand the entire way (he's quite gallant). And it really helped that the girl in front of me screamed each time something scary happened, so I knew when something was coming. I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks . . . .

Today's Praises
  • A new-found appreciation for teenagers
  • More lovely fall weather
  • key lime vanilla chip cookies, courtesy of the choir fundraiser

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