Aug 30, 2009

DQS 7 Finished!

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Finally finished! This little quilt is ready to travel far and wide. I really like the fabrics--wish the photo did the colors justice. The blue is much closer to previous photos. It is a bright quilt without being too intense. And I just can't get a photo of the thread--used a little varigated in the quilting.

I have a couple little things to finish up for the package before it takes a trip, but I also need to finish my scrappy Christmas blocks--they're due in the mail on Tuesday!

These swaps are so much fun--I love to see all the photos in progress on the group pool at flickr. Wish I could comment on them all!

Next project--I might have to try something besides a disappearing 9-patch! I do know how to make other blocks :)

Just One More Cup

Just One More Cup
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Another disappearing 9-patch. I heart this block even though my corners didn't match perfectly. I love all the possibilities and the simplicity (in this case) of just three fabrics.

I was especially anxious to get this finished--it's a gift for one of my good friends. The plan is for it to match her kitchen/dining area. She has a big square table, so I hope it fits right in the center. Plus, we love going for coffee together--we talk every second! She is a great friend, and I wouldn't have ever gotten to know her if we hadn't gone on a church trip to New Orleans together.

I might have to make a coffee cup table runner for myself because I can always have just one more cup of java!

Aug 17, 2009

So close to finished . . .

I finally got going with my little doll quilt swap piece. Starting with the 3 fabrics shown in the last post, I made 3 nine patch blocks. I just love this dotty orange--wish I could get better pics of the color.

Now for the "disappearing" part--cut each 9-patch into quarters--straight down the middle both ways.

Like magic, no more 9-patch, just a cut block that looks like a lot more work than it is. Next, you get to play with arranging these. Should it go this way or that way?

I really like this arrangement.

In the end, I chose this arrangement. All I have left to do is sew on the binding. I'll get a pic of the final top with quilting tomorrow.

This whole swap has been so much fun! I love looking at all the photos on the flickr pool here--people have come up with incredible little quilts! It's a good thing this is a swap--it would be impossible to actually choose just one! I hope my secret partner likes this one!

Aug 5, 2009

DQS7 Sneak Peek

I went into the quilt shop to find "just one more" 30s fabric to go with what I had; I cam out with these 3 fun fabrics! So now I have a completely new plan. I'll give you a hint: I will be making my (current) favorite block with just these 3 fabrics. I hope it will be a FUN doll quilt and my partner will like it, even though it isn't 30s.

It has been so much fun "lurking" around her blog/flickr to see what she is interested in, and also to see the great things people have been coming up with for the swap. I'm really glad I joined!

Aug 3, 2009

Stash Addition

Just got this little goodie package from Pink Chalk Fabrics. They always come packaged so neatly and protected. I love that.

Obviously, they don't go together, but they are each appealing. First, Tossed Owls in brown by Timeless Treasures. Next, "Tea Party" by Choco en chocolat. Kona Cotton in Robin's Egg, Buddha Party Dot Plaid, and Metro Market Chickens. I guess I should've waited a day or two to order so I could've gotten a thing or two for the DQS7 or the Scrappy Christmas Block Swap, but I just thought these were fun. I'm going to use the chickens for pot holders, the owls for a lunch bag, and I think the orange might go with some 30 reproductions that I'm considering for the Doll Quilt Swap. (So much for shopping my stash!) Can't wait to start on that this Friday!