Sep 7, 2008

Sidetracked in September

I spent quite a bit of time making a background and some layered petals for my September sunflower page last Sunday, but the rest of the week I've been sidetracked. Aside from little distractions like jobs (mine may disappear it turns out) and getting new health insurance, I've been trying to get some things made toward an Etsy shop. This week I spent working on a collection in green & navy with butterflies--kinda of Asian in fall colors. I will have a table runner, micro runners, and coasters.

Then yesterday I discovered some great Halloween fabric at the local shop--kinda vintage style with black cats and pumpkins. I just love it, and I'm not even much of a novelty fabric person. So this afternoon I made a cute apron out of the Halloween stuff.

As soon as I get the scanner stuff figured out, I'll post a pic of my September page in progress. I'm not quite sure how to do the leaf, but I suspect I should just do what will get it done so I can start beading. Of course, several have posted that they have already finished their pages (!), but I will be happy with finishing it this month.