Oct 9, 2010

Channeling Grandma

blogtoberfest 9

Like grandma, I like TV (there, I confessed) but find I can't just sit and watch. It's good to have some kind of low-thinking handwork to keep me busy. This should turn out to be a vest. We have enough beanies and dishcloths. (I'm trying to keep my dismay over the size I need in check.)

I'm blessed to be the recipient of many of grandma's projects: a beautiful lace bedspread that had been on her bed for years, a matching tablecloth she made just for me, many doilies, and once upon a time, many sweaters.

I can't believe I've posted 9 days in a row. Yay!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. Today is our last marching band competition ;)

  • Lovely fall weather
  • One last chance to grill
  • Laundry--yes, it's always good to have it done :)

1 comment:

Lauren said...

I love crochet and knitting...and if I ever bring out the needles in public there is always a grandma joke close behind! Happy Blogtoberfest!