Nov 15, 2009

Sunday STUD

::November:: Swap Til You Drop (STUD!) Quilty Received!
Thanks to my swap partner for this sweet little quilt. The theme is winter with a twist~it had to have 3 of these 4: something sweet (candy cane fabric), something soft (flannel mittens), something sparkly (snowflakes & gold quilting), and something vintage.

I think she did a great job~and check out the goodies she included: scraps from this quilt, some nice hot things to drink on a winter's eve, a coaster & a notebook. A lovely package all around. And she's so speedy! THANK YOU!!

As soon as it snows, I'll be hanging this up in my office!

I love these swaps~like the sew-n-tell, they really motivate me to get a little somethin' done. It's fun to ponder what to make my partner, and it's fun to receive such a nice surprise. My November SWAP is coming along--probably done this Friday. I can't show you what it is until she receives it. :)

  • Quilting projects to keep me insane
  • A sweet DH who makes me coffee EVERY morning
  • The cutest (if not stinkiest) corgi mix who follows me around as if I'm the center of the universe--unless someone else has some food.
Have a great week! The best time of year is coming soon!

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