Nov 3, 2009

Lucky Me -- Mini Shopping Spree!

I was so happy to receive my birthday gift from my husband--a mini shopping spree at Pink Chalk Fabrics. I'd been waiting for a couple days!
  • The new Quilt Festival Quilt Scene magazine--a nice combo of projects and show details--some beautiful quilts at Houston, of course. 
  • Some August Fields Fresh Start in Tangerine--really a nice home decor weight (can't wait to find something to go with it and make a new bag). 
  • Finally, some Folklorico Azucar in Spice--Day of the Dead fabric (appropriate for my birthday). It has wonderful glitter outlines everywhere. I plan to make something for DH with it--he loves that stuff.
My brain has been spinning with ideas for the Swap Until You Drop November swap. I told my partner blue and white for the winter theme, but now I'm thinkin' . . . .

Have a terrific Tuesday!

Nice quiet birthdays with a long nap after work.
Lots of sunshine after a cloudy, rainy October.
More quilting projects to think about than I could possibly DO!

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