Nov 13, 2009

Sew & Tell Friday 3

Actually, the title should read Sew & Tell Friday 3.

This is the Saga of the Quilt That Wouldn't Finish

Monday All week I have been struggling with this little bugger. I've been waiting a week to pin the layers together. I drew the back out 3 TIMES before I sewed it together. I finally get a chance to do the sandwich and the back is twice as big as the front--which turned out to be just too puny to be a lap quilt, especially for my dad.

Wednesday Then I hear the rest of the family will be together for Thanksgiving, so I think if I hurry, I could get it in the mail with their other little gifts so they could open them together (why not show off the quilt to everyone instead of just him?). So I cut off part of the backing to make an additional border on the top. I take it all to work so I can pin baste it on the big tables--now the top is much bigger than the back (I probably had enough for both but I just whacked off one section of the back instead of measuring).

Thursday I go to the fabric shop for just 1.5 yards more of the green dragonflies--no one can find the green dragonflies. "We have a big bolt." "Where did it go?" The computer shows 7 yds inventory left. I spend an hour (during employee sewing night) eating cupcakes and searching for the green dragonflies. Finally, 5 minutes before leaving, I find a 3yd piece in the remnant stack, on the bottom, shoved back out of sight.

Friday I will try to get the back repieced so tomorrow when I'm at the shop with the BIG tables I can get it pin basted. Unfortunately, because I'm working Saturday and have extra stuff Sunday, I probably won't have time to quilt it IN THE SIMPLEST WAY POSSIBLE until next Friday.

*sigh* At least it's progress. After all this UFO WIP is only 2 years old!

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Found the green dragonflies!
The aroma of minestrone soup just waiting for DH to get home.
Getting closer to ADVENT, my favorite time of year.


Anne at Film and Thread said...

I can relate to your story! My "Tree of Life" quilt is for my Dad, too!

Have you ever tried basting like this?

I've tried it a couple of times and I think I am liking it.

Heather said...

Oh, too funny! I'm sure it really wasn't/isn't, but the way you tell it is so entertaining. ;o) Hope things go more smoothly next week and you can finish "the quilt that wouldn't finish!"

Pokey said...

There are days -and quilts- like this.
Even in Australia. (Do you know this literary pun? Sorry, primary school teacher-!)
* quote from "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day"

Diane said...

My goodness. I hope you are able to make some progress and I am sure it will be well loved when completed.

The Tripp Family said...

love the play by play! Can't wait to see it finished. At least you got to eat cupcakes while you looked for the fabric... or were the other ladies eating the cupcakes? Hmmm...

Rene' said...

Love your story!!! We all have sewing days like that. So glad you found your dragonfly fabric. Can't wait to see the quilt finished.

Catherine said...

Oh you haven't had a great week have you. A funny story though and thanks for sharing it and making me laugh.