Mar 10, 2010

::Wednesday WIP and Winners::

First the WIP: I started the ORBC Quilt Along (click the button on the sidebar) a bit sooner than planned. I wanted to finish at least one project, but then I saw some great pinwheels on Flickr and realized I had the same Flora & Fauna fabrics--I couldn't resist. And I had so much fun making HST triangle blocks--very therapeutic! And this one is for me. :)

Now for this week's giveaway winners. I really enjoyed reading the comments about the joy of quilting--I can identify with so much of it. Quilting really helps us meet ourselves again, doesn't it?

Drumroll, please.

For the Super Simple Fat Quarter Quilts book, Cathie is the winner. She said:
The joy for me is partly in the process - while thinking, designing, sewing, quilting and hand sewing, I enjoy the peaceful pace, the time to de-stress and refresh. The other part of the joy is the product - having a thing of beauty I made myself to enhance my life or give as a gift is very satisfying.

Thanks for sharing some of your inspiration on your blog and by giving away these books. All three look interesting and inspiring to me.
And for the Monterrey Medallions/Turning Twenty Again books, Dos Amapolas is the winner. She (?) said:
I love the color combinations and the creativity of quilts.
For me the most interesting book is Monterrey Medallions, it has a colorful cover :)
Congratulations! Email me your address, I'll get these out! 
Thanks to every one who has stopped by and left comments. I will continue to consider what it means to simplify, particularly my stash, and have a few more giveaways in the near future.
  • Reuben pizza--just about perfect.
  • Finally above 40 degrees, and the snow is not melting too quickly.
  • Pinwheels!


Pokey said...

Congrats, winners! they are inspiring books. Thank you again, Oh, Quilty Queen Bee! BTY, aren't those aqua pinwheels the best!?!

Dos Amapolas said...

Thank you! I'm a happy winner :)
[and female ;) ]