Mar 3, 2010

Mini in the Mail Plus Giveaway Winners

Feb STUD Received

Look it what came in the mail yesterday! All the way from Norway, "Love is in the Air."
This is so cute--great fabrics (not as lime-y as in this photo--I forgot to turn off the lights at work), very cute applique owls on a heart. I put it up in my office at lunch time! The quilting is beautiful. 

Thank you so much, Mari. I hope you like mine as much as I like yours.

Now for the winner of the pink fabrics: #7 ktquilts who said

I try to store it in visible places so that it can tell me what it wants to be!!! Love pink!

Email me your address, and I'll get that in the mail!

Thanks for all the entries and tips--many of you like to keep your fabrics where you can see them. Seems like a simple idea that would really help you notice when The Stash is just plain too large. When I get a sewing room again, I will go for shelves instead of boxes.

Come back Sunday for another giveaway--you never know what I might find next!

  • Such fun swaps for meeting new people and enjoying new quilts.
  • Egg bake--fills everyone up without being too rich. 
  • More sunshine--we've gone 90 days below 40 degrees, but I think we might make it to 40 today--it's melting, it's melting!


Kristen said...

Congrats! These are pretty fabrics.

In three months time, I will be saying "I'm melting. I'm melting." ;)

I love the colors you sent me from last weeks give away. I've started to sew something already! I'll show pics soon!!

ktquilts said...

Thanks so much!!!