Mar 31, 2010

And J is for . . . .

My "J" mini from QuiltinLady21 came in the mail yesterday for March's STUD swap. This is so cute. I love her choice of colors to go with the jelly beans, and the quilting is great. Look closely to see jigsaw quilting in the jelly beans.

She also included some nice goodies--FQ and Jelly Bellies (already gone! I can't even blame my teenagers.) All in all, a very nice package. Thanks, Peg! It is great to get to you know just a little bit. What a great swap STUD is!

Otherwise, it's busy, busy, busy--I'm a church secretary, so I have lots of bulletins to produce this week. Come back Friday for my Sew & Tell Finish--I'm pretty tickled about it!

  • Absolutely gorgeous weather--80 degrees yesterday in Iowa!
  • Very effective allergy meds--gorgeous weather = tree pollen!
  • My husband & I have been loving "McLeod's Daughters" on netflix--a fun getaway for us during a busy time.

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