Mar 7, 2010

Simply Sanity

Simplify Sunday
Of course, I had this post all written in my head last night while I was falling asleep. . . .

Like many of you, I love quilting and beading and crocheting and even cooking because making stuff, CREATING, helps keep me sane. It gives me peace. It gives my brain a different kind of work out than "what's for supper" or "how will I get DS1 to work and DS2 to practice." It takes me away from the the tedium and stresses of daily life. Creating is a place where I am myself (unless I get sucked into a desire to show-off to others--that might be another post). And it gives me something to think about (i.e. design/solve/dream) while doing the particularly mundane stuff like laundry.

I've been reading about the creative process and studios and organizations lately, and I'm struck by how much people obsess over love their stashes--they love having so many choices at hand, an endless supply of fabric and ephemera and supplies, so they can be in a process of creating!

I think that's why I got to this place, a place where I cannot be in a process of creating because I don't have access to my stuff--it doesn't fit in the space where I can work. I can't see it, touch it, even explore it, without making a mess. [Many of you have pointed out that being able to see your fabric not only helps you keep it under control, it helps you create.] 

From what I've read, many of us suffer from this lack of access. In some ways, it's really not lack of ACCESS, but a severe case of EXCESS.

Let's face it: I could organize all my stuff to the n-th degree, and I would still have too much stuff to keep in sight or even in my head. I've been finding fabric I'd completely forgotten about. It's still beautiful, but it's not in my head or my heart. I've moved on. I love the new stuff. And I'm tired of a long list of WIPs shadowing me whenever I want to create something new, something that reflects where I am now.

I haven't quite figured out what to do about that, outside of continuing to give things away, but I'm going to keep posting about it on Sundays. I suspect many of us share the same boat.

Which brings me to my last GIVEAWAY, at least for awhile. (Thank you if you've read this far!) As the photo above shows, I have two items: (1) a great book, Super Simple Fat Quarter Quilts. I have made two quilts from this book, and the instructions are easy to follow. The second is a pair of booklets: Turning Twenty. . .Again and Monterrey Medallions. Both of these are apparently out of print. I have trouble coming up with 3 fabrics, let alone 20, and I just never got around to the other. I like both of these patterns--I just find following directions almost impossible in general. Not my gift, if you know what I mean. 

Anywho, if you are interested in winning one of these giveaways, just a leave a comment here, saying which one you would like AND what about quilting gives you the most joy. I'll start: I love that quilting is both as creative as we want it to be (follow a pattern or not, add embellishment or not) and useful--even the most fanciful quilt can be hung on a wall or sent to a friend. In my mind, quilting is both art and stewardship.

Good luck! I will accept comments through Tuesday, March 9, 10 pm (CST) and announce the winners by Wednesday, 8 am. Thank you for listening!


ladmquilter said...

I love to quilt for my peace of mind it gives me an escape and I love the creativity. I use to just use patterns but I find now that I like to improvise, I look a a quilt and make my own rules. I love the blue and green quilt on the cover of the book Simple Fat quarter quilts. I have been collecting those same greens and blues it might be a perfect quilt to make with them. Thank you for the great give away. I need to go thru my stuff too. I just have such a hard time letting go I can see so many quilts in my mind I just do not have enough time to make them.

Zeynep said...

I don't know how I ended up here (maybe thru ORB) but I totally agree about the severe cases of excess which I suffer. I recently emptied one of the rooms (dumped everything to quest bedroom) so I could quilt in peace! Why I quilt: Because it keeps me sane, as long as I concentrate on the quilt I can ignore the pain and can function ( I have severe pains for the last 4 years0due to several injures ). I have a very supporting/understanding family which let me spent hours in my quilting room. I like the fat quarter quilts books because i have turning twenty booklet. Thanks for the great giveaway.

Dos Amapolas said...

I love the color combinations and the creativity of quilts.
For me the most interesting book is Monterrey Medallions, it has a colorful cover :)

Pokey said...

Yes, EXCESS is a problem at my house, but we do try to share! I'm still working on getting the fabrics to where I can see them visually, but be able to put them back. I actually have purchased shelving, but there is only so much time. I'm hoping for a big organization time come summer. Your giveaway is nice, I have 2 of your three books, and I actually have a UFO from the Diane Atkinson (sp?) book.

Crafty Maine Mom said...

The turning twenty pattern looks really interesting.

I love seeing the quilt go from an idea in my mind to an actual quilt. Even if the end product looks nothing like what I started out thinking about.

Cathie said...

The joy for me is partly in the process - while thinking, designing, sewing, quilting and hand sewing, I enjoy the peaceful pace, the time to de-stress and refresh. The other part of the joy is the product - having a thing of beauty I made myself to enhance my life or give as a gift is very satisfying.

Thanks for sharing some of your inspiration on your blog and by giving away these books. All three look interesting and inspiring to me.

em's scrapbag said...

Love the wonky log cabin.

Diane said...

Excess is my middle name... or is it obsesive... I so agree with being haunted by that list of WIP... I plowed through several at the end of the year and was lucky to find places to donate becuase as you said, there was a reason I was draggin my feet on them, if I loved them they owuld have been done!

Your giveaway is great! good way yo pass on items like this. I guess the fat quarter book would be my fav, but the 20-again is intriquing.