Feb 7, 2010

Simplify Sunday


Do you have enough fabric to start your own store? Do you have so many craft supplies that if you even if could make them all into "things," you could still have your own craft show without renting out any booths?

Maybe it's just me, but after making things off and on (mostly on) for the last 25+ years (read "since high school"), I have collected such a substantial stash of fabric, beads and yarn that I could buy another house and move it there. Furthermore, the sheer volume of my stash makes it difficult to find what I want when I want it AND keeps me from purchasing newer, more modern fabrics (well, mostly it keeps me from purchasing more).

I'd be happy to sew it all up into many, many quilts and give it away--except I don't have time to do that any time soon. And I'd rather spend what time I do have on new projects. 

My DH and I have decided to try to simplify not only my stash but much of our house. For my part, I will try to keep making things with what I have as much as possible. And I will seek out others who want some of what I have (e.g. my sister-in-law has started quilting and lives in the middle of nowhere--I think I can fill a box with a nice variety of fabrics in colors she likes, maybe even a book or a magazine, and ship it off to her). 

For his part, he will begin going through our library. As former college professors, we have plenty of books, many of which we will never read/consult again. We have 5 book cases. From now on, if it doesn't fit in those, it doesn't stay.

Wish us luck. We suffer from "someday I might need that" syndrome. I will be reporting back each Sunday our progress on Project Simplification! And let me know how you might be trying to simplify YOUR LIFE in order to live more purposefully and fruitfully. Look for a giveaway next Sunday!

  • Just enough snow to freshen things up.
  • A 14-year old who decided to make his own lemon cake (and shares).
  • Time to finish a swap mini.

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