Feb 17, 2010

Giveaway Winner and Wednesday WIP

And the winner is . . . (picked by my personal random number generator, DH, who did not read the comments in advance)
Blogger Ginger and Pickle said...
ooh! I LOVE the ugly bag idea! Thanks for the generous give away chance! We have stopped using wrapping paper - it is so much fun using handmade and recycled items (fabric, magazines) to make a gift look special and garbage free!
Ginger and Pickle, please send me your name and address, and I'll get Betz White's Sewing Green out right away.
I loved everyone's ideas, from baby food jars to hold used needles (I use them to hang minis on the wall) to making ugly fabric bags for the grocery store to lend out to reusing containers to store works in progress. I really like the idea of using fabric trimmings to tie plants (I have no pantyhose because I'm always willing to sacrifice them for the clematis). And upcycling clothes into bags and and quilts--the rag bag really holds riches!
I'm realizing once again (how many times until something is actually learned?) how better stewardship of stuff gives one not only more room but also more satisfaction--truly waste not, want not. Instead of so much stuff, more creations that one treasures and shares with others. 
A stash is great, but if you have more stash than finishes--is that really what we want? That just makes us stashers instead of creators!
WIPS: By the way, crocheting through the Olympics works well for me--I have doilies and granny squares so far! Just the right level of creation to keep me from turning into a couch potato but not so taxing after a day of work. Now for an afternoon to really get going on my DQS8 (above fabric is really tan, not green--must be my crazy blue table).
Come back Sunday for another GIVEAWAY.
  • Incredible sunshine all day, even if it means slush (we have had 60 inches of snow so far this winter--also incredible!)
  • Chinese food made by someone else (and leftovers for tomorrow's lunch)--our own version of Fat Tuesday
  • Fabric cut for my Doll Quilt Swap 8


Ginger and Pickle said...

wahooooooo!!! thank you so very much! I have em-mailed you my details! Thank you , thank you!

Debbie aka Marblesbestfriend said...

Congratulations to Lisa at Ginger and Pickle!

Kolleen, I really like the texture of the solids you are using in your DQS8 quilt. Will watch for future updates. The mail deadline is looming. Eeks! I've barely started.

It's positively warm here today, too. I want to bask in the sunshine like our cats. Instead I should probably refill the bird feeders. If the groundhog was right our six weeks isn't up yet.