Oct 27, 2009

Makin' A List and Checkin' It Twice

Santa checking his list

Since Christmas is actually on the horizon, I've been thinking about projects. Our family does not exchange a lot of gifts--we draw names (2) in my husband's family plus give something to each little kid (4 not counting ours). In my family we don't really exchange gifts, but I like to send a little handmade something. In the past, I've made dishcloths, earrings, scarves, pillowcases-- most often things I can make while watching tv.

I'm pretty happy that I've even been thinking about our list already--way ahead of schedule for me. So here is what I need to get done in the next two months:
  • 5 sets of produce bags (3 each?) ~ when I saw these in Sewing Green and then the ones Alicia made (Posy Gets Cozy--see blog log), I thought they would be perfect for my green, often organic family. I think I'll use unbleached muslin and lots of little scraps!
  • 4 little bags for 4 little girls ~ right now I'm thinking the poochie bag by Happy Zombie. These are quick and easy and delightful, and I already made one for another little girl, so I know what I'm doing!
  • 3 pj pants for the men in my house ~ these are fun and my LQS has some new flannel and batiks that will work well
  • 2 market style bags for 2 friends ~ I've know them since 2nd grade, and I think this red Metro Market will be a lot of fun!
  • 1 lap quilt ~ I would like to finish up the wonky log cabin quilt I started for ORBC Quilt Along (click on the side bar button) for the name I drew. I hope this SIL will appreciate these batiks and crazy pattern. Just 8 blocks left to make!
Let's see, there are 8 weeks until Christmas. Realistically, I get one full day and maybe a couple hours more on a weekend to sew. I should be able to crank out the produce bags in a weekend. Maybe 2 poochie bags in a weekend. Certainly 2 market bags in a weekend. That's 4 weeks. I might rethink the pj pants--it's really cheaper to buy ready-made. But I think I can manage the lap quilt if I stick with my plan.

Well this sounds ambitious, even to the eternally optimistic me. I'm in a swap, too. On the other hand, it would be sooo COOL to finish all these! Let the countdown begin!

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