Mar 7, 2011

Dry Run Mini

Dry Run Mini by QuiltyBee

Trying out Malka Dubrosky's pattern for
with all purples and grays. The big version will be my son's graduation quilt. I do like the way these go together. . .I'd thought about taking the berry color out, but DS likes it, so it stays. Tried quilting it with all gray, maybe going to a charcoal and then quilted a little scrap size with purple--awesome, so it will be quilted in purple.

The big quilt will have 8 inch blocks, so it will go together quickly. Yay!

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Rene' said...

You are so good to try out a mini version before tackling the large size....I am not so patient. I really like the colors and pattern you are using...perfect for your son's graduation. Makes me realize I need to get planning my son's graduation quilt ;-) Thanks for the motivation.