Mar 21, 2011

Spring Flight

Spring Flight by QuiltyBee
Spring Flight a photo by QuiltyBee on Flickr.

DQS10 Finished! I'm just loving the yellow and gray trend, so I fell off the StashPact and got a charm pack of Basic Gray (Origin's by Moda). And I always love HSTs, so here we are.

Sometimes I finish one of these minis, and I think--too simple, my partner will never like it. My hope is for a bit of classiness. And I really like to highlight the fabric. To jazz it up a bit, I tried some different quilting--a bit of wave and a bit of yellow. I like the effect.

For this little one, I decided to follow some online advice and press my seams open, but I have to say, it didn't really help me make things more flat, especially at the junctions. I like how pressing to one side helps me "lock" the seams. This way I sometimes had 4 layers instead of just 2.

This makes me think of all the geese flying overhead and how the grass is just beginning to green up in spots. Spring feels so good!


Rene' said...

Lovely color combinations. I like the grays with the yellows and that touch of green thrown in. The quilting lines add a great touch. I think you achieved the "classiness" look ;-) I am sure your partner will love it.

sewkatiedid said...

I admit, I didn't read, but I love how you did the different stitching.

Mandalin said...

I just love your DQS quilt and the quilting is perfect!