May 28, 2010

SWAP Mania

Sew & Tell Friday

Ok, so I didn't sew any of these--I can't actually show you the 2 minis I finished this week, at least not until my STUD swap partners receive them. Be sure to check all the Sew & Tell finishes over at amylouwho (click on the button on the sidebar).
No, these are just some of the great little quilts I have received over the past year or so of swapping. Don't you love them? And I have lots more. Here's my top 10 for being in SWAPs. A SWAP project:

10.keeps me starting and finishing a new project often.
9. keeps me checking out flickr & blogland for new ideas, as I "lurk" around my partner's stuff.
8. helps me try really new things, stepping outside my box.
7. helps me meet new people.
6. gives me a nice little collection of great minis--no one else in my house makes quilts for me!
5. freshens up my office, where I change minis every month.
4. shows me different approaches and techniques in quilting.
3. gets me mail!
2. gives me lots of planning/day dreaming time.
1. makes me quilty happy (I know, sounds sappy, but the simple truth).

I wish I had time to be in more swaps. Check out flickr for a million of them, from potholders to minis to pillows to who knows what. Gotta love 'em

75 Post Winners ~ Since I only had 5 entries, I am sending out 5 packages! Send me your snail mail address if I don't already have it, along with a repeat of your favorite color combinations, and I'll get your giveaway ready. It will be so much fun selecting your fabrics!

Have a great weekend--the weather's absolutely perfect in Iowa!


Dee said...

love the quilt happiness too! swaps are fun ways to meet people, get new ideas, brush up on your skills and learn new ones!

hope you have a great weekend!

Anne at Film and Thread said...

I love the variety of blocks you have to show! So fun!

P. said...

I haven't participated in a swap yet, but you may have just convinced me! Sorry to have missed your 75th post and giveaway, but congratulations. You are very generous!

Karen said...

Lucky lady! All that goodness and its a surprise!

Lappedamen said...

They are adorable little quilts.

em's scrapbag said...

Love the variety of quilts you have here. I've joined STUD on flikr but have yet to do one. Your making me seriously consider it.

Diane said...

Love those swap jems! I took a break but need to go find some new ones to get into.

Jeanette said...

Sorry, I guess I should have explaiend the pin cushion a little bit.

I made one for me first, and felt like the pin cushion part was too big, so it flopped to the side of my wrist when I tried to use it.

So when I made your's I tried to make it a little smaller and I think I got it TOO small. There is no happy medium with me LOL

I think it will still work though. At least I hope so.

You did have me a little confused when you talked about wearing it to church, but then I just figured maybe you sewed during the sermon or something LOL

There was a while where our church was really driving for leperosy bandage donations so we would all sit and crochet during church, I miss those days, it was a lot easier for me to concentrate when my hands had something mindless to keep them busy.

Sandra :) said...

I'm sorry - I missed that I was a winner in your giveway - I've emailed you my address, and wanted to say THANK YOU so much!!