Jan 10, 2010

Snowball Fun

No, not those kind of snowballs! The temps have soared to a whopping 27 degrees here in Iowa, but I'm still inside experimenting . . .


I found directions for a 3-to-1 ratio of large squares to small, 4-to-1, and even something in between (that was hard math). In the end, I just cut large squares to fit my project and small squares just a little bigger than the 4-to-1 ration (3.5 inch large squares and 2 inch small squares for a finished square of 3 inches.

I read lots of advice for pressing the seams as well. I've decided pressing the seams open takes away your ability to lock the seams togther (at the small triangles), which really helped sewing the blocks together, so I went with pressing to one side.

Snowballs are fun blocks to make--easy to chain piece.

Now, how to quilt them? If you have suggestions, let me know. It might be time to muster up my courage and practice stippling!

  • Chicken & dumplings (I hope I don't always start with food :)
  • Worship with nursing home residents--they like to sing!
  • Unlimited long distance for long talks with old friends.

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