Jan 1, 2010

Dec Swap Til You Drop STUD!

Check out this lovely hint of spring from my Dec STUD swap partner! She loves to paper piece, and as the theme was Go Green, she choose everything from her stash. This looks so nice in my office; I'm starting to have a regular little gallery! Thank you Cyndi!

Since Cyndi has an entire blog devoted to her camping travels (they even went to the Quilt Show in Sisters, Oregon, clear from southern California!), I just had to use this camper fabric. I even talked my boss at my LQS to GIVE me her last 1/2 yard from the remnant pile so I could say this was GO GREEN and entirely from my stash (or at least I didn't buy anything for it).

The trees are an experiment from a Figgy Pudding pattern (couldn't find a pic of it anywhere)  Pink Chalk Studios sent me with my last order. You fold a rectangle in half (hot dog style) and then cut on the vertical diagonal with right sides out. Sandwich that in between two strips and stitch. Open up and press the resulting triangle flat. Hard to explain but pretty cool--the tree has side flaps that lift up from the background!

The camper has VW camper busses on it, too, just like we had when I was a kid, so I think I'll have to make another version for my folks. Again, I will try to use only scraps/stash!

My, oh my, I LOVE these swaps. They insure that I get something finished! And I have fun thinking about what my partners might like. Also, I get something new in the mail each month!

  • A very cozy house, even with 22 inches of snow outside! (Yes, we were totally snowed in Christmas Day--never got dressed!)
  • A fresh start with 2010, UFOs or not.
  • Leave It To Beaver on netflix with my teenagers--we all think it's hilarious! Funny, I don't really remember the parents--of course, I wasn't even born the first few years it was on. :)

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