Aug 17, 2009

So close to finished . . .

I finally got going with my little doll quilt swap piece. Starting with the 3 fabrics shown in the last post, I made 3 nine patch blocks. I just love this dotty orange--wish I could get better pics of the color.

Now for the "disappearing" part--cut each 9-patch into quarters--straight down the middle both ways.

Like magic, no more 9-patch, just a cut block that looks like a lot more work than it is. Next, you get to play with arranging these. Should it go this way or that way?

I really like this arrangement.

In the end, I chose this arrangement. All I have left to do is sew on the binding. I'll get a pic of the final top with quilting tomorrow.

This whole swap has been so much fun! I love looking at all the photos on the flickr pool here--people have come up with incredible little quilts! It's a good thing this is a swap--it would be impossible to actually choose just one! I hope my secret partner likes this one!


Victoria said...

Very clever!

the Provident Woman said...

Wow! That is cool!

KQuiltyBee said...

Thanks, ladies. I really enjoy YOUR blogs.

Karen said...

Adorable!! Gotta love the disappearing nine-patch. I'm always amazed at how versatile it is and how the look changes with different fabric combinations.

(found you through the Scrappy Hedgerow Christmas Block Swap).

Christina Lowry said...

I do like it! It is beautiful! You have done a fantastic job. Thanks for the extra goodies. Will post about it tomorrow when there is better light to take some photos! :)