Aug 5, 2009

DQS7 Sneak Peek

I went into the quilt shop to find "just one more" 30s fabric to go with what I had; I cam out with these 3 fun fabrics! So now I have a completely new plan. I'll give you a hint: I will be making my (current) favorite block with just these 3 fabrics. I hope it will be a FUN doll quilt and my partner will like it, even though it isn't 30s.

It has been so much fun "lurking" around her blog/flickr to see what she is interested in, and also to see the great things people have been coming up with for the swap. I'm really glad I joined!

1 comment:

Terrie Sandelin said...

I so love that owl fabric -- and think the two you combined it with go really great!