Aug 31, 2008

September Sunflower

Ok, so I know it's not September yet, but my mind has been swirling with choices for the September Bead Journal page. The sunflowers outside my kitchen window are calling, with all their raggedy brightness. Really, they are on their last legs yet still so bright and even optimistic. Maybe what I love most about them are that they are all "volunteers" some even rogue sunflowers, sprouting up and absolutely flourishing in places they don't belong (however, since we were gone when it was time to plant the garden, eveything is rogue--only the roses are on purpose).

Because these sunflowers are all reseeded from last year, they are an interesting mix of different types--now I have no idea which ones they are. Some are bright yellow, some are orangey with rusty streaks in toward the center, some are 20 feet tall! Regardless of their lineage, the bees and butterflies and some kind of black wasp love them. We even saw a hummingbird today (rare for us).

What does all this have to do with my bead journal page? Well, September's page will celebrate the rogue sunflowers. I have all kinds of yellow, orange and brown beads and fabrics.

The new technique? I've been reading 49 Sensational Skirts and I'm going to try one of Willoughby's layered template techniques for the petals.

I think I may have to start today--I just can't wait for September!

Kolleen a.k.a. KQuiltyBee

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freebird said...

What a great idea for September. Can't wait to see what you do with it. Adding your blog to my BJP08 favorites so I can come back. Have fun!