Aug 31, 2008

Bead Journal Project Choices

Since September is near, so I've been figuring out my personal parameters for my pages over the next 12 months. The Project's Rules stipulate that each of us sets a size in advance to use for all of the pages. Also, the pages must have beading on them. Other than that, we are limited only by our imagination. After lots of thinking and discussing and trying out possibilities in my head, here are my personal guidelines for BJP 2008:

  1. Each page will be 5 X 10 inches, vertical orientation.
  2. Each page will use only recycled/upcycled materials. (I have enough of everything I could ever need--fabric, beads, batting, and just plain ole junk :))
  3. Each page will experiment with a new (for me) technique--I have a couple years' worth of Quilting Arts magazine, among other things, and I would like to try all kinds of things. This is the place to do it.

So I'm ready to rock-n-roll! This project inspires me to get a lot of sewing things organized, even if it's in my dining room, and I can't wait to just make things for no reason other than I want to.

To fresh starts & new years,



Carol said...

Hi Kolleen:
I am so glad I visited your page! When you said "make things for no reason other than I want to" you put into words my exact feelings about the BJP! Thank you! I wonder why I never before realized that is a primary cause of the excitement I am having for this project.

Nice to meet you.

KQuiltyBee said...

Hi Carol,
Thank you for the comment. Isn't it great not to need to give it away or sell it?

Nice to meet you as well.