Aug 24, 2008

Bead Journal Project 2008

I am so excited--the Bead Journal Project begins in September! I have been waiting over a year for this. I didn't stumble across the 2007 project until after the signup deadline, so I just lurked around the blog for months and months. I couldn't wait to sign up for this year.

Originally, I thought it started in June, and I was all set to go when we returned from vacation--and then had to wait some more. I am going to use the journal project to explore a variety of techniques and force myself to spend time making things. I dream about that a lot, but especially this summer, I haven't found time. In June I started a new job at a new tea room, and since I am inexplicably the "manager" I have had little time for much of anything. But now we have been open over 2 months and the systems are beginning to fall into place. I now find myself with a little time in the afternoons and/or evenings. Maybe the fact that school has started helps as well.

The rules for the BJP require that one chooses a size-format at the outset, but otherwise pretty much anything goes. I think I will go with 6 x 12 inches with a vertical orientation. While this will stretch my composition (no pun intended), it will also look nice hanging several together or possibly sewing a few together into one hanging, like a series of little banners.

Another nice aspect of the project is a blog where members post links to finished pages, along with comments and questions about the entire project. With over 200 members, we were required to have three different blogs for this purpose. Mine will be on (see the blog roll since I can't seem to make links happen properly yet).

Well, the banana bread is nearly done, and I still have laundry to finish before the closing ceremonies of the Olympics begin! Peace, Kolleen

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