Jun 15, 2010


Yahoo, I got into the new Doll Quilt Swap. As you know, I LOVE these swaps. The Doll Quilt Swap is extra fun because (1) you get to stalk your secret partner, trying to figure out what they might like, and (2) you get a few months to create something new and fun. I love the STUD swap, too, but sometimes 1 month feels a bit rushed.

So secret partner, what do I like? I like so many things, but especially brights, especially orange. I like things a little out of the box AND I like traditional blocks, especially with a modern twist. I love all the birds in quilts lately, zig zags, pinwheels.

I don't like pink much at all, as well as cutesy, nor white in any quantity. But fun, now fun is a different matter all together. A sense of humor is great.

The most important thing to me, however, is that you have some fun making the doll quit. Try something new if you like, use up stash/scraps, whatever you like. And I hope you post something about the process--I try to comment as much as I can :)

Let the fun begin!


Mary Perrine said...

Have you started your Doll quilt yet? I have... it is hard sometimes to pick the right thing huh? I hope you are doing well. See you around Flickr ; )

Shasta said...

Congrats on getting in. Swaps are a lot of fun, and you are right, it is a lot of fun to stalk your partner and try to find something that will be perfect for her.