Feb 2, 2011

::Stash Stewardship::

Turns out I have a stash of books & magazines, as well as fabric, yarn and beads. So part of my February strategy (read: stewardship of the stuff) is to assign some of my fabric sets to the great patterns in my books. Really, it's not as if I want to get ride of all my stuff--just use it. Just let it fulfill its purpose.

This month, I think I'll focus on Fresh Quilting by Malka Dubrosky.

Big impact--yes indeed, but how much impact will these have with prints instead of solids? I guess I'll find out. I don't have much in the way of solids but I do have quite a few small prints. So we'll see how that works. In any case, I LOVE these projects and this style and . . .

By the way, I spent my LQS certificate--not a single solid (as planned). Instead I bought some great batik to add to my collection of skirt fabrics (all yet to be made ;).

  • Major snow (we're on the edge of the Midwest storm) but not impossible. Still went to work.
  • Shrimp & pasta for supper.
  • Taxes ready to turn in :)

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