Nov 15, 2010

::I think I'll do it again::

Monday Musing

The BIG 5-0 that is.

Thanks to my kind and generous friends & family, I received LOTS of birthday money (out of pity, out of love??). My first thought was "chocolate!" Then my mind raced with all the things I want, all the things I need, all the things. Finally, after much contemplation, I knew how to spend all that moolah . . .

Let me introduce you to my mid-life crisis milestone birks--soft bed, no less.

I love them. They make me feel just a little edgy, just a little younger. So I vote for being 50 again next year--let's see what I get!

Today's Praise
  • red shoes--every girl oughta have 'em
  • great h.s. youth group--they'll try anything
  • back to sewing--see a sneak peek on Wednesday


kg said...

LOVE the shoes!

Rene' said...

Happy Birthday! Every girl does need a pair of red shoes ;-)