Apr 11, 2008

Starting the Journey--Again

Below is what I posted under a different blog name back in February. Since then I have done very little. So, I'm trying again. I am joining at least one journal page group to jump start the process. And I still offer the pay it forward challenge.

February 2008: I've been thinking about starting a blog for my quilty/beady things for a long time now; I already have a family blog that I use to write family and friends. My hope is that this blog will help me focus on specific projects until they are completed, knowing that I should post progress reports. I'm trying to work on journal pieces this year; in the past I have been sidetracked by making gifts, etc. for family and friends.One motivation for actually setting up the blog is the Pay It Forward exchange I've seen on several Bead Journal Project pages (I'm not part of the project--didn't see it in time to join--story of my life :)). To be part of the Pay It Forward exchange, one needs a blog, so here it goes.I promise to send a quilt art gift to the first three people to comment on my blog with a promise to do the same thing for three other people. I might not send it in the next week or the next month, but I will send it within 365 days. Leave your comment, and I will email you so you can send me your address.Try googling "Pay It Forward" and you might be amazed by the wide range of exchanges going on! What a cool concept.

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heidibeads said...

Hi There! Thank you for joining my PIF, it took me awhile but I found you:) If you'd send me your snail mail address, I can send you my little gifty. Thanks - Heidibeads